PicnicPal+ and PicnicPal XL for Food Service Professionals

As a caterer or other food service professional, you know it is essential to keep your delicious cuisine healthy and fresh to eat. When your catered meals are served outside, they are vulnerable to disease-carrying flies and insects landing on them requiring you to toss them out to remain in compliance with food safety requirements. And food spoilage from cold food getting warm can sour even the best of occasions. As well as your reputation.

Ensure that your event remains in compliance, even before your guests start plating up

  • Prevent disease-carrying flies and insects from invading your expertly-prepared dishes
  • Protect your gourmet cuisine from unappetizing dust and dirt
  • Prevent spoilage by keeping perishable foods at cooler temperatures for a longer period of time.

As you know from your food safety manual:

  • Each housefly can easily carry more than 1 million bacteria on its body including Salmonella and E coli. CDC
  • Estimated 1.2 million salmonella and E.coli food related illness occur annually. CDC
  • For cold food out longer than 2 hours, place plates of cold food on ice to retain the chill. FDA

Set yourself apart as a CLEAN and SAFE catering or event professional

  • Let your clients know you care about them by protecting your food with our PicnicPal products.
  • Protect the most vulnerable: children, the grandparents, and everyone else, especially those with compromised immune systems.
  • Make sure everyone loves your food service, even after they’ve gone home!
  • Don’t leave your business legally vulnerable.

PicnicPal comes in two sizes.
You get a FREE Ice Buddy+ with each PicnicPal product.

How many do you need?

Contact us for details about our volume discount. Caterers and other food service professionals often like to have quite a few PicnicPal products on hand for their events to protect their food from the elements. If you’ve got a large crowd and need multiple units, let us know. We work with caterers all the time.


If you enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors and are inclined to eat and drink while doing so, this product will serve you well…set it up and your refreshments are protected from the insects that usually distract you from having a good time.

Martin, Alabama

I used the tent for a BBQ/Graduation party and it worked absolutely fabulously. I was amazed how much food could actually be put under the tent and protected. The party was in Texas and it was in the high 90’s which brings out the bugs, but the tent keep them at bay.

Leslie, Texas

Great item for cookouts ! keeps bugs out. Love it I have 2 of them.

Anonymous, Ohio

It was easy to use and did a great job keeping the flies off the food.

Debra, Tewksbury MA