How many PicnicPal+ units do I need for my event?

It depends!

One PicnicPal+ is usually enough when you’re serving food outdoors for one or two families.

But if you’re not sure, you can consider how many tables you expect to put your food on. Two PicnicPal+ units fit nicely on a standard 6 foot (72” x 30”) table. So if you expect to spread your goodies over two tables, four units will be your best bet.

Should I get two PicnicPal+? Or one PicnicPal XL?

Choosing the right product is all about the types of containers you use to serve your food.

Plates, platters, casseroles and metal tins

If you serve food on plates and platters, or in casserole dishes or metal tins, then we recommend you save money and get the PicnicPal-Plus.

Lazy Susans, Tiered Servers, and Racks

If you serve your food using Lazy Susans, racks that lift the food off the table, tall cakes, or pie racks then the PicnicPal XL will work better because it is our tallest product.

Why are PicnicPals so tall?

When we serve ourselves food, we usually serve with an overhand arch, so we need enough height in the tent to easily get what we want. It also allows you to easily set and arrange your dishes just the way you want them. Our Picnic Pal Plus gives you the room you need to set and serve. Our PicnicPal XL is even taller so it can enclose large wedding cakes, tall tiered servers, and more. We also think it looks great!

How do I clean my PicnicPal food tent?

The Picnic Pal food tent cleans easily with a wet towel. But since you can count on having a party that leaves a big mess, you can simply toss it in the washing machine whenever you need to. To do so, close the Velcro clasps and place your PicnicPal inside a netted laundry bag to wash. That’s it!

Is it bleach safe?

Yes. This is a critical feature for our caterers since they must abide by health department regulations and sanitize their tents between outings. Simply follow the instructions for your bleach product and your PicnicPal will be just fine.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. Our products are backed by a full 60 day money back guarantee. Feel free to try a PicnicPal of your choice, and if you don’t absolutely love it we will refund your money.

How long will my PicnicPal last?

Our PicnicPal products are designed with durability in mind. We have customers who are still using the products they bought over eight years ago! Our patented door pole is constructed for stability and the mesh is made of durable fiberglass materials that last for years. There are no zippers to snag or break. Expect to enjoy your PicnicPal+ or PicnicPal XL for years to come!

Why fully enclosed?

Food covers that simply sit over a plate fail in many respects. We designed the PicnicPal+ to really take care of you so you can enjoy your event and your family and friends as much as everyone else! Other products can easily blow away when a little wind crops up. They often don’t cover the larger platters and other serving ware that are used to serve food outdoors. And there’s always a utensil, plate, or lid that you have to find a place to set down to serve yourself.

We were determined to provide the best solution possible for outdoor eating. No more moving plate covers around or watching the wind blow a cover away. No more cracks where bugs, insects and dirt can get in and spoil your food. You’re covered!

Is PicnicPal+ easy to set up?

Yes! Very easy. We created the simplest tent design possible. All the poles are connected together with bungee cords and unfold in a snap. You’ll slide two poles through easy-to-find pole guides into the deep well cups at the corners, locking the poles in place. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll be a pro!

Does PicnicPal+ come with a carry bag?

Yes. Our carry bag is big enough so can easily slide your tent in for quick storage. No muss no fuss!

What does the Ice Buddy+ do?

The second biggest concern people have about eating and serving food outdoors (after bugs, insects, and dirt!) is how to keep cold food cold. You don’t want your potato salad, coleslaw, salsas, dips, vegies, fruits, or beer to get warm, limp, or worse, spoiled! That’s where the Ice Buddy+ comes in.

The Ice Buddy+ is an inflatable tray to keep your cold food colder longer. Once your food is in place, pack the Ice Buddy+ with ice, and it will stay chilled virtually all party long. Whether it’s perishables like fruit, salads, and mayonnaise-based salads, or beverages like soda and beer that you prefer to drink nice and chllled, Ice Buddy+ is the ticket.

How long does ice last in the Ice Buddy+?

The amount of time you’ll be able to keep your foods cool in the Ice Buddy+ will depend somewhat on the outside temperature. For best results, we recommend you set up your cool foods where they will be protected from the sun, like under a tree or patio cover. If your event takes place during the day, you will usually have 3 to 4 hours before you need to pack more ice around your dishes. Simply remove about a cup or two of water and add more ice. That’s it! If your event begins in the early evening or later, you may not have to replenish the ice at all. The Ice Buddy+ is that good.


Hello, my name is Toni and I have purchased several of your PicnicPals and love them. This past weekend we had a very large party and used my tents lined with icepacks to keep my cold food cold. They worked great and everyone thought they were an ingenious idea.

Thanks, Toni

This is a much sturdier product than that pop up food tents. It is a generous size and very practical for keeping the bugs off the picnic foods.

Anonymous Customer

This food tent was a big hit at my daughter’s late summer/early fall birthday barbecue! It covers a large, long table. You can open up the flap from both sides. There, I was able to put food from the grill in from my side and also dish up food for the younger guests while people were able to go get food from the other side. And food remained bug free. Several people asked where I got it. I will probably get another by next summer and my mother has already asked me to order two for her!

N. Besson

This works great! Easy to set up and take down! Kept bugs off our food the entire party. We’ll be using this for all of our outdoor parties! Good investment!

Angela R