Luv luv luv these!!! We have family night every Monday night and these works wonders…someone doesn’t have to stand and “mind” the food from flies!!


The City of Lemoore holds an elegant wine and food tasting every year call Evening Under the Stars. Our County Health Department got involved this year and wanted us to have each vendor put netting on three sides of their tables. We did not want to ruin the elegant look of the tables. I looked online and found PicnicPals. They sit on top of the tables and can be seen through and will protect all food items put inside. We contacted our Health Department and they were accepted in place of netting on three sides of the table. The PicnicPals functioned well. They easily fit the chaffing dishes and the opening in the back was big enough to serve out of. Our Recreation Department also does football and baseball trips. We tailgate before the games and will use the PicnicPals for that purpose also. Next year we are going to decorate the PicnicPals to make them even more attractive. We are very pleased with our purchase.

S. Taylor, City of Lemoore

“I just wanted to mention the wonderful great service I have received from Dan. After ordering my product and being lost after delivery and not receiving it in my hands, Dan made sure to call post office to trace package. But the most important he made sure that I did have my PicnicPal for my event this weekend by overnighting me one.

I truly appreciate all the help you gave me Dan and the Superb service you give. With service like this you will go very far with your customers.

My coworkers are interested in seeing it set, so I will be setting up at lunch time.

Thanks again for everything!!!!”

Maria E

Main reason I bought these is we “live” out by our pool area in summer. Every Sunday is Family Day. I love to grill, but keeping flies off of cooked meats is a full time job. My favorite outdoor dish is usually ribs or Kahlua pork. Yum! Close second are grilled veggies!


This is one of the best products I have used! And a big thanks for your customer service!


I bought 2 small ones and 1 large one can’t wait to show my friends/family and take it camping and have people envy the product and say I want one of those.


I bought 2 of the large ones at the Orange County Fair 3 years ago and absolutely LOVE them!! I was happy to see the representative at the LA County Fair!! Great product!!


It was great meeting you at the LA County Fair. Love the PicnicPal we bought from you!


We have been using Two of the Tents for our Church for several years!!!!!


Purchased two PicnicPals last year at the fair. Easy to use and works great! Very convenient for parties and gatherings. We use it all the time.


I used PicnicPal on my son’s 19th birthday party last year. It was July and we had about 50 people at my house. The PicnicPal was absolutely a hit with the young people. My son wanted to know where I got them. I used 2 small ones. I wished I had 2 more. So, I got 2 more this year at the LA County Fair.


Thank u Dan and PicnicPal family for your support and donations toward the 3 day breast cancer fundraiser cook off! We really appreciate you, and love your AMAZING products.


My kids love having family dinners in the evenings outside on our deck. However we live in the country and there are tons of fly’s and outdoor bugs. This has been a great solution for us. It is super easy to put together; less than 3 minutes from start to finish. I leave ours outside on the table since we use it almost every evening. I also put my cup of ice water in there when we are playing outside with the kids so little fly bugs don’t get in my water. This is a must have for our family!

Sarah H., Missouri

I used this item for an outdoor birthday party. It was the hit of the party and every one commented on it. It kept the flies out of our food. It is large enough so that I could put most of our food in it. I am purchasing several more for myself and my sisters . Great product.

A Campbell, Florida

I have purchased five of these food tents. They are great for parties, cookouts and camping. I would recommend getting at least two. Although they are a good size, two food tents can fit end to end on an eight foot folding table. We like to put several cold items in one and then hot items in the other. I bought an extra to put chips, dip, plates and napkins in. I really like this item. Easy set up and wipe down if food gets on it. Shop around for the $19.99 price; it is worth it at this price.


This is the perfect product if you ever have any outdoor gatherings that involve food. We usually host a lot of outdoor BBQ type gatherings at our house and needed something to put over the food to keep the bugs away. We tried the pop-up round screens, but most would not fit the size serving dishes or trays we had. It was very frustrating trying to fit a round screen on a large square tray. We also had issues with the kids not putting the screens back over the food. And it was difficult trying to get food, holding a plate and holding the round screen at the same time.

When I first saw this tent, I knew that it would fix some of the problems with other screens. First, let me say that I was very impressed with this product when I took it out of the box. It comes with its own closing bag to keep all the parts together so they do not get lost during storage. The tent goes together easily and fits all the plates/trays I use to serve food. When I found out that the tent had straps to hold it on the table, I thought that whoever designed this had put a lot of thought into it.

We used this at a beach cook-out and everyone that saw it wanted to know where we got it so they could buy one. We ended up getting several for Christmas gifts and people loved it. If you ever serve food outdoors, this tent is a must have and worth every penny.

Scott, California

If you enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors and are inclined to eat and drink while doing so, this product will serve you well…set it up and your refreshments are protected from the insects that usually distract you from having a good time.

Martin, Alabama

I used the tent for a BBQ/Graduation party and it worked absolutely fabulously. I was amazed how much food could actually be put under the tent and protected. The party was in Texas and it was in the high 90’s which brings out the bugs, but the tent keep them at bay.

Leslie, Texas

Great item for cookouts ! keeps bugs out. Love it I have 2 of them.

Anonymous, Ohio

It was easy to use and did a great job keeping the flies off the food.

Debra, Tewksbury MA

Hello, my name is Toni and I have purchased several of your PicnicPals and love them. This past weekend we had a very large party and used my tents lined with icepacks to keep my cold food cold. They worked great and everyone thought they were an ingenious idea.

Thanks, Toni

This is a much sturdier product than that pop up food tents. It is a generous size and very practical for keeping the bugs off the picnic foods.

Anonymous Customer

This food tent was a big hit at my daughter’s late summer/early fall birthday barbecue! It covers a large, long table. You can open up the flap from both sides. There, I was able to put food from the grill in from my side and also dish up food for the younger guests while people were able to go get food from the other side. And food remained bug free. Several people asked where I got it. I will probably get another by next summer and my mother has already asked me to order two for her!

N. Besson

This works great! Easy to set up and take down! Kept bugs off our food the entire party. We’ll be using this for all of our outdoor parties! Good investment!

Angela R

I use them at the Orange County Marketplace to sample my salsas and the Health Department inspector loves the way my salsas are kept bug free.

Linda S

I purchased two PicnicPals last year and they are fantastic. I use them all the time and have even loaned them to friends . No more of those pop up bug screens to mess with when you use a PicnicPal. The pop up umbrella type always flew off or no one replaced them on the food but with a PicnicPal just lift the flap to get your food. The tent is big enough to hold several dishes and we put ice packs on the bottom of the tent to help keep the cold food cold longer. If you spill food inside the tent it wipes clean with soap and water. It also comes in a small carrying pouch to store when you aren’t using it. A definite plus for all our pool parties and barbeques. You won’t be sorry if you purchase one or even two!

Toni in California

I just spent 5 straight days with the tents, both small and large on the streets and beaches of LA. Everyone should have one, this is an amazing product!

The large is for the full day, the small for the run and gun shoot on a small cart. I put a small camping table over the top of the cart for width, then set up the tent. Very impressive.

We were at the LA equestrian fields one day, and the tent was crucial to food safety.


We have the large and small PicnicPals and they got a lot of attention at our last pool party. It kept the food and punches perfectly clean and safe, and kept us from having to keep a constant watch over the cooked food.

My daughter’s birthday party is coming up, so I’m ordering one more picnic sized one just for the cake.


Maureen Q